Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I dearly dearly miss my gymnastic coach Jody Yocum. She was amazing. She was an olympic gymnast and she gave us such a good workout both with our normal gymnastics practice and the last 20 min of practice she would kick our butts with conditioning that we were on the verge of tears, there may have been tears!

I can attribute the fact that I had a flat stomache the day after I delivered, not only my first son, but my second son, to her and the workouts she gave me. Even the doctor who came in said, and I quote "You have amazing stomach muscles, you should have babies for a living".

Gymastics is, by far, the most physically challenging sport there is, ask any ER doctor. The ER doctors told me many times while I was there for sprains and breaks, it was the most dangerous sport with the most injuries. Doing a tumbling pass, it wasnt' enough to think about making the revolution, or making the complete twist, and then landing it on level feet so not to break your ankle, but you had to do it with straight legs and pointed toes and land with a smile on your face, as if it took no effort. That was part of the judging.

If I could find Jody and get her to be my personal trainer, I would be in heaven. I was never in my life, in as good of shape, and toned as I was, when she was my coach.

I love to watch Jillian Michaels on the Biggest Loser because she reminds me alot of Jody. She is caring but not so caring that she isn't tough! The Biggest Loser is very inspiring and motivating and I am so glad for the show. Between shows, I read her books and listen to her podcasts. I also have her workouts and catch her on demand on exercise tv for workouts I don't have.

I love to do P90X. Its really challenging, but I also need variety. P90X stresses muscle confusion...well I confuse! lol I do P90X, I do Jillian's workouts, my own work outs, Gilad Janklowitz's workouts...I power walk, I run, I bike, I kayak, I play tennis, etc...I do what I can and I do it hard when I do it, to make it count.
I try to eat right, but I don't always. I don't have a weight problem, nor do my kids, because playing hard was something we always did with them. In Jillian's one podcast, she talks about how someone will say to her, those cookies aren't mine, they are my kids...she laughs and says, what makes them immune to obesity...she is right. I think everything in moderation is okay...as long as you play hard and workout. My kids lived their whole childhoods playing outside as I did. They built bike ramps, skate boarded, learned to play tennis, learned to kayak, hiked to The Pinnacle, played sports and did the things all kids should do.

I had friends comment that my yard is a dream come true for boys. I never worried about the way it looked, with their hideous homemade ramps, tree houses etc in it. Those super pretty houses with the well groomed yards that belong in a magazine, that's not for me. We have some of those in our neighborhood and you don't see those people's kids ever playing outside. The inside of my house is no better. The laundry is never all done, all my housework is always behind....but I don't care! I could spend my days cleaning it up magazine perfect, but then my kids suffer and so do I.
To listen to Jillian's podcasts, go to http://www.kfi640.com/pages/podcasting/ and she is on Sundays line up. You can listen to past shows for a few weeks.

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