Saturday, April 25, 2009

Making Sushi !

Alex taking a bite

I thought it was about time we use the sushi kit we got the kids for Christmas last year. We bought sushi grade fish once since then and ate it as is lol. We love sushimi.

Well, it was fun to make sushi. We ate it as sushi and also as sushimi. It was a bit messy, but I would do it again. In a small group. Its not something you want to do with a big group of people.

Setting up

Allen, wait!!! We are going to make sushi this time! lol.

Cutting avocado strips..look at all that cross contamination...YUM

Here are the results of my first sushi roll.

This one is half tuna, half salmon for Alex.

Brian did a great job rolling his.

And he loved doing it.

Allen says, its okay but I would rather just eat it like this.

So, what did you think Alex?

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