Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exercise used to be called Play

Remember when we used to call exercise, PLAY.  Many of us change our view of exercise and it seems like work.  If you aren't enjoying your workout, it may be time for a change.

We have been told, you start to get old when you stop playing.  Get outside and play...with your spouse, your kids, grandkids, or just with a friend.

Go for a run (chase each other around), play kick the can or spud. Duck, duck goose... Climb on the monkey bars, play some wiffleball, kickball, or dodgeball. Even walking is a great start.  Walking at a slow stroll does not count as exercise though, you have to move, fast! 

Why do we stop playing?  Sure, we have full time jobs and responsibility...but as a kid, we had school, homework and chores.  What changed?  Chances are, if you stopped playing, you are struggling with your weight, and if you never played these games as a kid, you probably were struggling with your weight long ago.

Get outside, ride your bike (on hilly trails), play some tennis, run through the rain....get moving!   You create your own destiny.  You can't blame it on anyone else if you are unhappy in your skin.  Why not make it fun and play some 'playground games'.

  If you come home and think that you are too tired, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Change your thoughts to positive thoughts.  Turn on some uplifting music...whether that be country music or rock, or hip hop..whatever gets your mood up and your blood pumping!

Kick the Can

More games kids play 

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