Sunday, February 7, 2010

Make Flashcards on the computer

I get a newsletter from Kim Komando several times a week. She sends free downloads, some of the greatest things I have on my computer. I love my sticky notes, my desktop calendar, etc.

I found this one and thought it might be helpful for homeschoolers.

Have a great day, get ready for the next blast of snow! (got your generators ready?)

Learn better and faster using flash cards

Real learning takes a lot more than rote memorization. But it’s essential to start with the basic rules, facts and vocabulary. That’s true for whatever it is you happen to be studying. And those things do require memorization.
But it can be so boring. Playing the guitar is cool. Learning to find each note is tedious. Speaking French makes you look suave. But you have to build up a vocabulary first.

You’ll want to get that baseline knowledge quickly. Using flash cards is a tried and true way to do it. But writing them out on actual cards is so last century. Pauker is a simple flash card program.
You can create your own flash cards or download lessons from the site. The program will test you on your flash cards. And it will keep track of what you’ve learned. It’ll help you get past memorization quickly. Then you can start having fun.
Cost: Free
System: Windows XP, Vista and 7, Mac OS X

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