Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Homemade Ricotta Cheese..cooking with kids

Don't forget to take the kids into the voting booth today! Set a good example for them!

My kids and I have been cooking all sorts of things lately...(I think my son made cookies four days last week lol) We made Biscotti last week too. It was really good.

Sunday, we made ricotta cheese, it was sooo easy, fast, and tastes better than any I ever bought, specialty store and all.

Last night I made pumpkin lasagna with it and it was soo good (didn't taste the pumpkin but it added vitamins, the ricotta was surely the star)

Pics on my other blog along with more info. I promise if you make this, you will wonder why you ever bought Ricotta Cheese!

Homemade Ricotta Cheese

8 C Whole Milk
1 t citric acid
¼ c water
2 T half and half
1 t kosher salt (I used course sea salt, it worked)

Put the milk in a pot on the stove, and put a candy thermometer in it (don't get scared off, this is so easy, clip it on and relax). In a measure cup, put the water and add the citric acid and stir it up...dump it in the milk give it a whirl and turn on the heat to medium. Let it go, don't' touch it again, resist the urge to stir it anymore, the initial stir is the only one you will do...and in about 15 min the temp should come up to 190° F...turn off heat and let the thing sit 10 min while the curds separate from the whey.

While you wait for it to go up to 190......

In another bowl, put the half and half and salt so you are ready when it is.
Put a fine mesh strainer (window screen size mesh is fine) over a bowl or another strainer in the sink.When it hits 190°... let it set, turn it off and let it set 10 mins to separate curds and whey.then dump it right into the strainer and let it sit (recipe book doesn't state how long, I left the first batch sit 10 min)..then dump in bowl of half and half salt mix and fold to combine.

That's it. This keeps one week in the frige. I put it in a canning jar, it said you can cover in the bowl and put it in frige, but I need room in my frige for other things and I love my canning jars. Oh yeah, this is two batches in this jar..each batch makes about 1¼ c of Ricotta cheese...one gallon of milk makes 2 batches.

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