Friday, August 21, 2009

Workout Buddies

Just a quick note..its very important to have a workout buddy.

Do not go for runs by yourself...that woman in Georgia that went missing was on her cell phone with her boyfriend, he could hear her cries..but could not help her.
Reminds me of that Sally Field where she was on the phone with her daughter while Kieffer Sutherland killed her daughter and she could hear it all.

I know that at times, my cell phone gives me a false sense of security...but all that the person on the other end can do is listen and if you are being attacked, maybe help solve the crime..but please, prevent the crime from happening!

I see young girls run by my house alone alot, and I always word, does her parents know that she is alone like that.

Take a friend along! There is safety in numbers!

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