Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ah Summer is over! Oh No!

Well, summer is over and as much as I tried to lesson plan and did get some done, I was hoping to have my lesson plans completed through December.

That, of course, did not happen! Oh well. It's not like I stick to those plans anyways. Things come up, the kids want to spend more time on something or its totally boring to them and we switch it up. I tried. tehe

I am looking forward to speech class this year with the kids. I got a great book from the toastmasters club. It has assignments and directions on public speaking.

I am also looking forward to Alex starting vo tech, he is going for IT Applications and can advance into web design if he gets all of his work done fast. I also can't wait to see his books, we paid big bucks for, as they are step by step type books on how to use all sorts of programs and office tools on the computer. I am pretty computer savvy, I have managed to figure out power point and all on my own, but would love more details and I am always willing to learn more, so I can sneak some time with his books when he is not using them.
I told Alex he can stay and have lunch at Vo Tech if he wants, since his friends also have morning session there and they eat lunch there before the bus gets them to go back to school. This gives me one on one time with Brian for Math and Lang Arts and then when Alex comes home, I have time for him with Math while Brian is doing his assignments for Math/Language arts. Then we do the rest of the work together..History, Social Studies, Science, etc.
Two days and counting until the big step for Alex. He has not been in traditional school for 7 years now, but I think him going to Vo Tech will be good for him, although I am not looking forward to the swine flu outbreak, due to the fact that Vo Tech has students from every school in the county except Reading and Muhlenberg.

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