Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lesson Planning

I like to let my kids chose their books they want to read for "reading", but I know there are some classics that they would not read on their own, so I pick a few each year for them to read. I can usually find a study guide for most books that are classics. Here is my first choice for this coming year. This study guide has soo much information and essay ideas, etc...I am looking forward to this book.
This year, I am going to order them from the library so that I am not stuck with so many books at the end of the year this year. If its a book we don't have, I will borrow the library's book, save some money and save on clutter at the end of the year.

My childhood friend listed this book as one of her 10 ten books, so I had to look it up, as The Giver was a great book by the same author. This book looks great and we can study the war also to make it more interesting for them. (World War II that is).

Thank you Teddi for the idea! I just ordered it at the library so I can read it this summer and them I will be prepared to drill them on thier reading assignnment.

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teddi said...

There's something so heart-warming about the word "childhood friend." Miss you, Shannon! Let me know if you need any other ideas. :)