Monday, June 29, 2009

Keep a Food Diary!

It is sooo important to keep a food diary. I tell my friends who struggle with weight this, all the time. You really don't know the calories you are consuming in a day if you aren't keeping track. Its so easy to forget what you ate.

I write down my foods throughout the day, and if I am not home, I remembers as soon as I get home to write it down. I do not carry a purse so I have no means of keeping a diary with me, but if you carry a purse, it would be a good idea.

You have to be honest, you are only cheating yourself...put exactly what you ate and exactly how much. Know what a portion is, and don't' go over the portion...I don't care if you are at "all you can eat" are not ripping off the restaurant by eating more than your share, you are only cheating yourself. So you ate a few dollars more of their food, you wanted to get your money's worth...but what you really got was an extra pound of weight that you now have to lose.

I know that spark people has a great place to keep your food diary, and I log it on there somewhat, but find it easier to write down what I ate and then go to and get the calories. I hear from some friends, I don't have time for that..There is always time to keep a food diary. Don't make important is your weight loss to you? If you say that you don't have time.....then you really don't want to lose the weight!
It's all about the calories you take in and the calories you burn....3500 calories is a pound..that seems like a lot...but a few days of overeating adds on a pound and in no time, you have done that for a year! You HAVE to keep track!

You have no one to blame but yourself! Stop complaining and do something about it.

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