Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free or Cheap ideas for homeschoolers (or families in general)

There are homeschooling activies in my area, but to go every week and having multiple kids doesn't' help, it nickles and dimes ya. We used to do bowling and it was 25.00 a week till we bowled, and had lunch there, its hard to not eat when you are there. It was 100.00-125.00 a month (depending on how many weeks were in the month)

With my husband being in the home building business, we suffered and put a stop to bowling. Luckily, my boys were not that into bowling, so didn't mind a bit.

Two years in a row we took tennis lessons at our county park. It was so cheap...25.00 for 8 weeks. We took beginner lessons two summers in a row and in the fall we took advanced beginner lessons and had so much fun and learned enough that we can now go to a park and play tennis for free. You have the initial investment of buying a racquet and tennis balls, but you can pick them up at yard sales for a dollar in all but brand new condition. Some people go on these health kicks and after a few months or not staying with it, sell their stuff at yard sales. We have met up with homeschool families and played king of the court, and other fun tennis games.

Speaking of parks, there is always the playground. Some have volleyball nets, badmitton nets, basketball courts and of course tennis courts. Arrange a play date with homeschoolers you know to play horse on the basketball court, newcome, or king of the court. You don't need a whole "team" to play these games.

Roller skate down a paved path or in a empty paved parking lot, with permission of course. There are skateboard parks popping up all over the place too, some only allow skateboards, some allow in lines and bikes too.

Go for a walk, hike, bike ride on a trail. There are many in the area. Pack a lunch in a backpack and stop along the way to eat.

In the winter, when it snows, arrange to get together and build a snowman at your house, or another homeschooler,s house. Have hot chocolate together. Go sledding. Back cookies or have some type of home ec cooking class. The County Cooperative Extensions have 4H clubs, that are not only livestock based. They have sewing and cooking classes and so much more. Call them for a list of what they offer. Of course there are scout troops, campfire programs and church groups you can get involved in.

When the weather is warm, go fishing or crabbing if you live in an area you can. It's free for kids under a certain age in my state, but check to see if you need a license. If you get in a fishing rodeo, there is no charge and prizes. Arrange to meet other homeschoolers there too.

Of course, there is always volunteering! You can adopt a grandparent in a nursing home. There are always older citizens that have no family to come and see them and they look forward to your visit if you start to visit. You can read to them, or just sit and talk. Take them for a stroll around the home. Some nursing homes need volunteers to take the patients to hair appts in the building, to the community center in the building for music and crafts, and even there, they could use the help. Take a board game in and play a game in the community room with a lonely patient. Hospitals need volunteers too.

Arrange to raise money for a charity. Alex's lemonade is a great one..

There are others that may be near and dear to your heart. Children raising money for children is very beneficial. Also our soldiers are always in need of some cards of appreciation, care packages etc. You could arrange to make a few up with donations from friends and some stores will even donate items for the care packages.

There are dozens of things you can do that will cost little or no money and still have fun, meet friends and make memories.
Don't forget your camera!

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