Saturday, May 30, 2009

227 Calorie Lunch (and nothing lowfat about it)

As Dr. Roizen says, "food is medicine." For example, a recipe for whole wheat pizza dough with tomato paste can help dramatically reduce your risk of cancer.
Tomato paste is a bit hard for me to get down, I do not care for thick sauces, but this is an easy way to get two T in without noticing.

I have pizza dough in my refrigerator 7 days a week, because I make it homemade (see my Margarita Stewart blog on my 5 min pizza dough). There are times I just want a quick snack, or lunch and don't' want to get the pizza dough out for just me, so I take an Arnold Thin and put tomato paste on it, and dress it up.
My Arnold thin pizza

1 Arnold Thin

2 T tomato paste

1 oz mozzarella cheese

green pepper (i use frozen in a pinch, already diced)

garlic (powder, remember this is a quick meal)


black pepper


Of course, you can figure out how to assemble this pizza. Bake it for 5-8 min, it's done!

It has 227 calories if you eat both halves! NOT BAD!

I don't use anything low fat or low cal , if you do, you can reduce the calories even more. If after you eat this, if you still feel hungry, wait 15 min, it will hit your stomach and you will be satisfied! I do not believe in low fat or low calories foods, it makes you gain weight, you are hungrier and want to eat more.

Note:Of course, add your own toppings, Parm cheese adds 20 calories, but so much flavor. Pineapple is great too!

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