Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beginner's running program

I am going to start a running program this evening. I have a few friends who run, miles and miles and miles and I always admired that they could do that. I would run for a little while and have side stitches and be out of breath in no time. I was a gymnast, and always in shape, I could not understand why I could not run. I rode my bike to The Pinnacle once (http://www.harpweb.com/thepinnacle/index.html), and was told by some chick we didn't even know in the parkint lot that I would never make it, which was my determination to say...wanna bet? We not only made it, but we had the kids on the toddler seat on the back of our bikes to boot! I do not like to be told I can't do something. There are times I tell myself that although I let myself get away with it, if someone else tells me I can't do it...that is my motivation to prove them wrong.
Here, after reading Deborah Reber's book, Run for your Life (a book for beginning women runners), I see that I have been doing it all wrong. The book gives tips on how to warm up, clothes to wear, picking running shoes, how to run and how to begin a running program, even if you never ran before. I can't believe I waited this long to read her book, its an excellent book. http://www.deborahreber.com/run_for_your_life.html (link to her book) My husband and I like to go for power walks in the hills around my home, but I live right along a walking/jogging/biking trail that goes for miles. I am so anxious to start a running program today. I will follow her guidelines for beginner runners, because, even though I am in pretty good shape from my workouts and power walks, I have neverbeen much of a runner. Here is a review of her book from her website.
Deborah Reber offers everything a beginning runner needs to know, from the basics of stretching, nutrition, and apparel, to the complexities of mental motivation and performance improvement. Her book also features encouraging sidebars with pithy ruminations and tips from women runners. Their contagious enthusiasm, and that of the author, will give any woman that extra push to get out of the door and become a runner. – Runner's World

By the way, Deb was a childhood friend and was our neighbor growing up. She is a really neat person. She currently has a blog and books for inspiring teenage girls. http://www.smartgirlsknow.com/

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