Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

All Pics are taken by me.
This Faerie was so neat, she worked at the
Herb Garden, one of my fav stores!

A day at the faire is not complete without a smoked turkey leg!

I realize Aug is a long way off, but I am looking forward to summer and the PA Renaissance Faire to begin again. My family has such a good time here. If you have never been to a Renaissance Faire, you must go! They have them all over the country.

A pic from the Joust

Gal on stilts

The kids with Captain Jack Sparrow

Faerie again

These guys are so neat! They did not work here, they just did this on their own.

My hubby and boys love the Tartan Terrors, they are such a fun show. We chase them all over the park to watch every show.

Check out the legs on the bagpiper!

He is a world champion bag piper.

This cutie girl from the Tartan Terrors can chug a beer!

My boys will meet kids anywhere, even best buy lol.

Another of the Faerie. I loved her costume.

Some Happy kids (mine in black hat)

My oldest son and my husband.

My youngest son and his friend.

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