Friday, March 27, 2009


We have gone through hell with whirlpool for the past week. My 1000.00 front load washer just mysteriously stopped working on Sunday, Sat night it worked fine, washing my sweaters on the gentle cycle. Sunday, nothing.
Its only 14 mos old.
Called whirlpool Monday, they said they will take care of it, and send us the part is supposedly needed according to the code. they over night it to us...great, its not the right thing because it still doesn't work. the repairman said its another computer board that costs 500 dollars. he calls whirlpool (their serviceman) and they tell him they aren't going to cover it.
My husband calls, they offer to give us a 75 percent discount on the part, great, whatever, its been a week, pay it I want my washer they tell us the part won't come for 7-10 days. They can't overnight it??? what? they overnight ed the part they told us it was on Monday and it was the wrong part, now it will be over two weeks that I am without a washer when I paid 1000.00 for this piece of crap.
I also bought a 1600 dollar refrigerator from them a few years ago and it too broke after 13 months. THROW AWAY BULLCRAP APPLIANCES.....NEVER EVER WILL I BUY WHIRLPOOL AGAIN. Funny thing is, we asked a repairman we know what brand we should go with, because I wanted a Bosch, he said, no don't get a bosch, it takes forever to get parts, whirlpool parts are carried in all repairmen's vans....yeah, okay...two my bosch would still be working! now after spending a grand on a whirlpool, i get to go to the laundry mat, wasting gas, time and money on their machines! thanks whirlpool! I will never ever buy anything from them again!
I will buy foreign Bosch appliances.
Guess buying American only screws ya in the end!

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Shannon Marie said...

seriously, my 3 year old whirlpool dishwasher broke after this too and it costs more to fix it, than to buy new. so what is energy efficient about that? landfills are filling up because of the junk they make today