Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dreaming of Summer

rainbow from my yard

the best part of summer, having friends over to hang on the patio

bird watching with a glass of wine (my glass of catawba)


My garden critters I made

phlox in full bloom

My porch bar

My outside sink, turned planter...early spring

Street view of my yard.

I got this old chicken feeder from a farmer throwing it out, due to works great as a planter! It looks awesome in full bloom.

Alex in front of one of our rose bushes

There is a cute little sink that came with the property that is attached to the wall right outside the house, I guess for handwashing, used to be a farm....It leaks so we turned it off and I plant flowers in it.

Our garden. We have two acres...

My house

Baby ducks

Hubby using my truck to till the land lol... someone has to be the redneck of the neighborhood

My Morning glories in their glory

My hibscus

Hubby and one of my best friend's kids in the hot tub...scuba diving lol.

Our free range ducks

This is a sure sign of summer..the kids bikes on the patio!

My Hostas...I went to a landscape auction and bought a gazillion plant pallets lol...

The Clematis and the phlox trying to bloom.

One of our outbuildings, its an old farm, so we have a bunch, and an outhouse too. This one we use as our gym

The summer kitchen is on the right. My hostas and my lillies are full.

More Clematis, some Lily of the Vally and some Pachysandra.

There is more to see, but I don't have anymore time today!

I can't wait for summer!

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Suzie said...

Hi, Shannon!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I accidentally deleted your comment,but researched "Enzo's Galaxy" and found your blog. I am still struggling to learn how to blog.
I just love where you live!
It's so peaceful and beautiful country just like those paintings I posted on my blog, but your place is the real. Your Sooo lucky!!