Monday, January 5, 2009

Freecycle MY VIEW

Back when freecycle first started, I was a moderator with a group of great gals. We went to the Earth Day celebrations and had a table announcing freecycle to those who were not aware of it. It was a thankless,, non paying job, but we all hoped to be helping the environment.

People, at least in my area, are so greedy, all they did on the group was ask for, hot tubs, etc. It was started to keep things out of landfills, it turned into living proof about how greedy people were.

I moderated for two years and when the group owner decided she could not take the greed anymore and said she was quitting, she offered it to me....I declined and told her I was leaving with her. I stayed a member of the group for a short time, but the new group owner let it go to their head, and the group went to hell. I started a small trash to treasure group and the only requests aloud were for normal things and only one thing a month was aloud to be requested per member. I gave away real wood bunk beds on it once, kitchen items etc.

To this day, the group remains small, and the it has no greed. I don't even mind people selling things on it, as long as its not a place to sell their new stuff, their business sales stuff etc. Just a virtual yard sale. We have people who give stuff away free and sell stuff cheap. Its a nice group.
I cannot believe the nerve of poeple asking for things like boats and hot tubs. And when I posted things I had available, the stories and emails I got about why they should get it, it just made me mad. I am not sure if its just our local freecycle or all of them. I know our local people are known for their rudeness.
I have things I get rid of all of the time, I am always purging. I have friends that I give it to, and if they don't want it, I post it on my trash to treasure group.

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Eco Chick said...

I tried to give something away on freecycle once. It was more a pain in the derrier than it was worth. People that said they were coming, didn't show up, and I waited around. I give my stuff to the mission now.