Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Resolutions

I don't like to call them that, because if I fall off the wagon, do I have to wait until next New Years to try again? I guess this year I will work monthly. I have a lot of resolutions I want to achieve, but if I break them down to monthly, I may have more success.

Number one...I want to eat healthier....I strive now for five days a week, I am going to continue this. I can indulge on the weekends, and eat healthy every other day of the week. I also want to eat Sunday dinner every week at my dining room table. Other days are optional, I want every Sunday to be home with my husband and kids, the only exception is when we are out of town. Take note: my dining room table includes my patio table outside in the warm months.
Next, I want to remove negative people from my life....or at least, keep them at a safe distance. If someone does not have a positive attitude, and treat others positively, I don't want to be around them. This will be hard, as there are one or two relatives who are very negative, in fact, I never hear a postive thing from them about my family, so as long as I can keep them at a safe distance, I am fine with that.

I want to exercise more often, whether it be playing tennis with my sisters, hubby and kids, or friends, going for walks, doing workout dvds or whatever, I need to keep variety in my work out for muscle confusion and to keep it fun.
Lastly, I want to strive to meditate everyday at least once a day and once a week, a really long meditation session.
These are my goals for January, and if I fall off the wagon, I will just start back up again.

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