Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving at home!

This year, we are having Thanksgiving dinner at home. No stress, nobody but hubby, the boys and I. I am making dinner for just us and we are going to eat whenever its ready, and actually have leftovers for a few days after this time! We always get together with family. This year, we are just going to stay in, alone.

I have done dinner at my house with 20 some people and my house is tiny, my kitchen is tiny...I don't mind entertaining, outside, but when all of those people are in my house, it drives me nuts. I have gone to family houses, sisters, mother, in-laws..and I always have to cook anyway and I never have leftovers. If this works, it may be tradition lol. Hubby and the boys are going to drywall and I am going to cook...and when its done, its done, no deadlines, no worrying about pleasing everyone else, etc.

I know it sounds self-centered, but this year, I am thankful that I can be self-centered occasionally if I want. lol

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