Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Lititz Trip

Brian, Alex and Allen

Nov. 21, 2008

Lititz, PA

Above...Alex, Brian and Shannon (me)

A few pics from the trip....

Margie and Henriett

Trinity and Kelly

The wolves, watching the people lol.

Brian, Shannon (me) and Alex

Brian, Allen and Alex

We went to Lititz, PA yesterday with a bunch of other homeschool families for a tour of a Wolf Sanctuary. It had snowed all night and the whole time we were there, but it was a gorgeous snow. Did not lay in the roads, just on the ground and trees.

It was nice to get together with the homeschool group. I would have to say the Wolf Sanctuary tour was not really much of a tour. The tour guide talked about where he got the wolves, and how they adapted to his sanctuary, how they bit him, etc...but did not really teach about wolves. I guess that is a good project for my kids, to research about wolves and learn some more.

I paid 5.00 to bring a camera in (on top of the 25 to get in for our family) and had to take pictures through the chain link fence....thinking to myself, had I known that, I would have opted out of worrying about pics there lol.

We then went into the historic town if Lititz and had a nice time eating at the Cafe Chocolate on Main St. Hubby and I got a Cubana panini and a portabella mushroom burger with jalapeno sauce...we split those, as we both wanted to try both..we do that alot. Ours both came with a little salad on the side with chocolate dressing, it was really good.

Brian got a peanut butter and banana with chocolate sauce panini, he loved! And Alex got a flatbread pizza with spinach, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, turkey sausage, and prov cheese. He loved it. Everything they served was organic. We had a turbo to drink, which was organic cocoa with a hit of expresso...and the boys had organic cocoa. I also bought an adorable "for life" tea infuser that was adorable and a chocolate mint tea, which is really yummy, I should have gotten more, I know I will drink it all in less than a week.

We then went across the street to an old friend's oriental rug shop. Robert Brobst and his wife Amy Eways Brobst sell and repair oriental rugs there. We have not seen them for about 15 years. Mr. Brobst was there, but Amy was home. It was great to see them again and we plan to visit with them, as they are from Wyomissing, they just happen to have a shop in Lititz. They are raising their great granddaughter from birth, who is now 10, both of them are in their 70s, but Robert said, it keeps them young, that is so true. He looked just the same as he did when we last saw him 15 years ago.

We took a trip over to the Wilbur Choc Factory/museum. I saw a Wilbur cocoa tin I have there, in their antiques. Pretty neat. The boys got a chocolate bar and I got some dark melting chocolate for some candy I am making for Christmas.

Then we went down to the Julius Sturgis Pretzel tour. We had too much time on our hands, as the boys and Allen were not into going through all of the shops, and I can't blame them, it was a fun time for girls to shop the town, but not much for the boys/men, so we ended up at the Sturgis house a half hour before the rest of the group.

We decided to take the next tour and then head home. The 14 year old girl Ivy, who gave us the tour, was a wonderful tour guide, very informative and dramatic through out the fun tour. There was only two other families in our tour group, so it was nice, we all got our hands in the pretzels and were awarded diplomas for our pretzel making lol. I am easily amused. I said a hello on our way out to the homeschoolers, hoping they were not mad that we went ahead in early. The group was rather large so it was better for us to be in a smaller group.

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