Tuesday, November 18, 2008

clutter and hand outs

People keep trying to give us their junk that they do not want. I very quickly refuse it, hubby brings it home and leaves it to collect dust here. I think he is finally realizing, if they didn't want it, why would we. I am hoping he can now say, no thanks.
I am also guilty of handing my stuff off to people lol...but I will not keep it around anymore to sell at yard sales, the effort, and time I put into a yard sale makes me nothing! I gave a friend of mine some stuff, things like a good pot rack, worth over 100.00, and brand new things from Southern Living from when I sold it. I didn't care if she threw it out, but I know she had a flood a year ago and lost everything. She could also give it out as gifts, as I had so many of the same thing, I gave the same types of things as gifts to people already. lol.

I like the rule....one in one out. When I see something I want now, I think...where would I put it? Can I get rid of something if I bring it home? This saves me a lot of money. I have not been to a yard sale in ages, nor have I had the desire to go.....I have been feeding my trashman big time lately. So PLEASE, if you see my husband, do not give him your crap! We do not want it and I will throw it away anyway! lol. If he comes home with a box of stuff from you, I will find you and dump my unwanted items on your porch! lol.

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