Tuesday, July 15, 2008

cute tip I read today

I like this tip, thought I would share....
I am back from camping, doing wash and hanging out on the line....sleeping bags etc...busy busy

A Girl Scout TrickGirl Scouts use bandanas when camping, and I've adapted theidea to use at home. As an at-home mom raising five kids withtwo still in diapers, I wash my hands often. To keep thingssanitary (especially during times of sickness), I tend to usepaper towels to dry my hands. Now, I use the bandana!Simply tuck the corner of the bandana into your pocket orwaistband or hang it near the sink and use to quickly dry yourhands. The thin bandana dries quickly and you might besurprised how many times you use it if you keep it tucked intoyour pocket or pants.I've drastically reduced the number of paper towels I use andthe addition of laundering the bandanas has been marginal atbest. And because my bandana is for my personal use, I'm notpicking up or spreading any germs to my husband or kids. Giveit a try!
Michelle in DE

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