Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chicken Burgers from scratch

Wow these were so good, I could eat one now. My friend Kelly does not eat beef or pork and she is here alot with her son... I am always searching for creative things for her, and we love to cook out. We have fish a lot and chicken breasts etc....even veggie burgers, which we really do like....just want variety. I made these the morning of the wine festival and froze them ...and we had them when we got back....

I bought a family pack of Chicken breasts. I chopped them up in the chopper bowl with the immersion blender into a ground chicken. I added....garlic, chopped onion, chopped green peppers (actually red and yellow)....chopped mushrooms, about 2 T avocado oil (olive would do, avocado has high heat point) a bit of celery seed and ground pepper (I add that to everything lol)....I think that is it..again, "me no follow recipe, little this little that" lol....
I mixed it with my best kitchen tool, my hands and then made big meatballs, placing them on wax paper on a baking pan....then, cover with wax paper and put another baking pan on top and smush the meatballs into burgers. Freeze for a few hours (or longer but at least a few hours).
Grill and add cheese if desired and serve on a bun, or for you guys who are Atkins followers, no bun.... (bleu cheese and hot sauce is what we added, once it was cooked, with lettuce and had celery sticks on the side, well, Brian had Barbq sauce on his, he isn't a hot sauce kid)....Yummo!

I used a family pack of chicken breasts (about 10 or so) and made about 16 burgers, so we have more for next time! I am going to grind my own burgers from now on, both beef and chicken, it was soo good and quick and easy to do.

Parakeet 6 days

Tomorrow will be one week its out there. We caught a Red Breasted Grossbeak, a black capped chickadee and a blue jay in the cage, but that little parakeet is not going to be caught! Not much we can do. We tried everything. Its the fastest bird I ever saw since road runner lol.