Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chasing Parakeets

Hehe. Yesterday around 6:00 pm my husband found a parakeet at one of our feeders. We have about 11 feeders in my yard and are avid bird watchers, this is not a normal thing to see at our bird feeders here in Berks County.
Now here in PA, its unseasonably cold....went down to 34 last night. We figured we have to catch the bird to save it. So, there is my husband, my sister-in-law, my three kids and I chasing a bird around for 2-3 hours...saying, pretty bird, pretty pretty bird, pretty baby....having it within inches of us and it flying to another tree. Flying up the street to the neighbors, coming back, almost as if it was teasing us lol. I want to catch it and see if we can't find the owner. After two hours, I said, heck, now I want this bird to keep (and really, if I found the owner, I would give it back)...but I started to really like this little fellow. He was truly having fun with is.
Once nightfall hit, he stopped coming around. My sister in law, having had 50 parakeets (well okay I exaggerate, but she had many) said they won't fly at night. I was worried that some other big bird might try to kill it. This morning, there it was on a branch in our yard. Not only survived the cold bitter night, but also the wild animals of the night.
So now picture this. My husband and his work crew are out there this morning, trying to catch the bird lol. What a cute site to see three brawly construction workers out trying to con a tiny bird to come to their finger lol. I really should keep my video camera charged!
I will keep you posted if we ever catch the thing. I told my boys to open their window and maybe it will just fly in? (hopefully not every other bird does too)

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