Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clutter Attack

I am on a declutter rampage. I went through my boys clothes. They have so many things to wear, and only wear the same few outfits, yet I wash it all constantly, they pull it out and put it in the wash again for me. So I washed it all and said, will you wear this….YES or NO…maybe means NOOO.
I have tons of clothes to give to my husband’s friend with kids.

I put a box in their room for future clothes they pull out and no longer warn,I will empty it and give it to a good home. Hopefully this will eliminate the unnecessary clothes wash I keep doing.

Next, embarrassed to say, I went through their video tapes. Now mind you, my boys are almost 13 and 15 years old. I found VCR tapes, which we don’t watch VCR tapes anymore of Baby songs and all. They are all boxed up and ready to go to anyone who might have little ones and a vcr yet.

My next stop is their book shelf. My sister teaches kindergarten and also, I have homeschool friends who can take some of the books she can’t use. The are never touched. My boys are into video games, and computer’s. They also play the guitar, drums and outside play. Everything else in their room has to go!
I have to get off the computer now, because, once I am in a “I don’t want any of this stuff in my house” mood, I need to get on it, or I will change my mind and find something else to do. It’s time to get it all done!

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