Saturday, January 26, 2008

Neglecting my blog lol

Well, I have been neglecting my blog already, like I neglect my Myspace page, which by the way is (I think lol, its been awhile since I typed it in, I have it in my favs and only go there maybe twice a month lol).

We went to Red Lobster yesterday at 3 pm for dinner. There was no one there. By the time we left, the line was out the door...maybe I shouldnt' advertise that, but go early if you go, and you won't have to wait lol. I guess I don't care, we dont' go there except when someone gets us gift cards for the place, seafood is incredibly easy to make at home....and I like to cook things MY WAY I like it at home better. I can't believe the money Red Lobster makes, not that its bad, but its just so so and its much easier can it be to cook something? lol

Okay, enough for least I wrote something lol, for what its worth lol.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Enzo's Galaxy

I figured I would start my blog by explaining the name of my blog page.

Enzo was my dog. Well, I had dogs growing up, but this was MYYYY first dog, when hubby and I got together.

When we got Enzo, hubby said, no way are we naming that dog Enzo. So for two weeks, I called him Enzo, and he called him, the dog, the puppy, etc....Enzo stuck. We had Enzo for 11 wonderful years. He passed away from congestive heart failure, we did all we could to save him.

He was such a likable dog and I will never have a dog like him again. When he died, I took it very hard. I would come home and there would be no one to greet me. I said I would never love another dog again. Since, I have gotten another dog, Atlas, and he looks like Enzo, but is nothing like him. He is a great dog also....but Enzo could not be replaced.
My screenname has Enzo in it and my blog now too. I kept the same screenname for 8 years now because it has his name in it.
I will blog about Atlas later. It's not that I don't love him, I do.... For now, I have to get my butt moving and get things done.

Still trying to figure this out.

It took me a few days to get my Myspace figured I will eventually get it so I can make this page look half decent.

Gimme time!

Blog Blog Blog

Well, all I hear about anymore is Blog, so I decided to start one.

I promise to come back and post later, I have a ton of stuff to do right now.

Stop back, I promise to have more later.

I don't have many pics of me, I am usually behind the camera! lol. This is a horrible pic of me, but oh well....I can't figure out how to remove it and replace it....hehe...